A business kiosk is not uncommon in high foot traffic areas such as commercial centers and malls. Venues like these are excellent places to display and promote products and services. A kiosk is a convenient way to market a product



Action Kiosks Ipad Mounts and Stands


  Why hide a beautiful thing?

Our new iPad Kiosks show off the beauty of the iPad while keeping it secure.


Print and Display your own sign with our new sign holder! Availble for our ROUND and SQUARE free standing iPad Kiosk Stand.  8.5 x 11 inches. Mounts Portrait or Landscape.

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Website Ipad Kiosk Enclosure

Action Kiosks Products

An iPad needs no extensive introduction. Since its release in April 2010, more than 15 million units have been sold with the brand claiming about 73% of the tablet computing market share in the United States in 2011. But with the unveiling of the newest iPad, marketing is again on high as retailers showcase the new features of Apple’s latest offering and software developers are eager to demonstrate what they can do using an iPad.

Please contact us with any questions.            801-635-8065      

Website Ipad Kiosk Enclosure